Why You Should be Using Emojis in Your Business Communications

Why You Should be Using Emojis in Your Business Communications

The rise in popularity of emojis in the last few years has not gone unnoticed. Today, it’s safe to say that emojis have become a vital part of digital communication and their growth is not showing any signs of slowing down. In fact, today, we can identify over 1, 850 emojis available in the world1. The average number of emojis used in a single message is of 2.23, a number that has more than doubled since 20172.

As emojis have become increasingly popular, their usage has spread far beyond chats and social media. What might once have been perceived as a trivial and playful addition to our online interactions is now being leveraged by businesses to create meaningful impact on customer engagement and promote brand awareness.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at why emojis are challenging the status quo of formal business communication, and why you might want to start thinking about adopting emojis as part of your business texting strategy.

1. Avoid miscommunication

As the old adage goes, an image is worth a thousand words; this is especially true with digital communication. Adding emojis to your messages can greatly enhance the meaning that you are trying to convey and reduce any potential ambiguity.

According to Vyvyan Evans, the author of The Emoji Code, using emojis can help replicate a communication that is present outside of the digital realm. Because 70% of the meaning of an oral conversation comes from our nonverbal reactions, emojis can help share emotions and individuality in a way that cannot be done with words.

Emojis can also help set the tone of your message, which might otherwise have been misunderstood by the receiver. Businesses today simply cannot risk miscommunicating with their customers; they need to ensure that their tones and intentions are very clear as to avoid any ambiguity. Emojis are a simple and efficient way of getting rid of this possible uncertainty.

Not only can emojis be used to efficiently fill the gap of nonverbal cues, but their language is also universal and can be understood by all, regardless of the users’ native language. Businesses can therefore reduce any uncertainty that could be caused by a language barrier.

2. Increase open rates

We know that texting provides a much higher open rate when compared to emailing. But what if you could go one step further? According to the mobile marketing platform Leanplum, push notifications that include emojis saw a 254% increase in open rates3. Not only do emojis considerably help increase the chances that your message will get read, but users are also more likely to execute the call-to-action in your message, such as answering a survey or simply replying back with an answer. Using emojis can therefore greatly help boost your engagement metrics.

3. Reach a large audience

It’s a common misconception that only millenials use emojis in their digital exchanges. In fact, a staggering 92% of the total online population uses emojis4. Not only are emojis universally understood in all languages but they are also universal across demographics. According to the 2015 Emogi report, there is barely any difference between age demographics for those using emojis.

Who uses emojis

4. Create a positive branding

If you’re using text messaging as part of your communication strategy, you know that it’s important to avoid overly formal texts that can feel insincere in comparison to a more personalized and friendly messages. Using emojis in business texting is a great way to informalize the conversation since a great majority (93%) of emoji users agree that the use of emojis lightens the mood of a conversation and demonstrates support5.

Not only do these popular characters lighten the mood of your text messages but they can also reduce the negative effect of business-related messages. It has been proven that the same message will be perceived differently if a positive emoji, such as the smiley face, is added.

Emojis are a simple, effective and fun way of increasing engagement with your customers and improving your CSI. Adding emojis to your SMS strategy will not only boost your engagement metrics, it will also help make your messages instantly friendlier. After all, nobody wants to talk with a robot 🤖. Moreover, using emojis in your text messaging strategy will help reduce ambiguity. Since a majority of online users are using emojis, why wouldn’t you as well?

To learn how to use emojis in your business texting, read this blog post.

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