Win your customers’ trust with video text messages

According to a study by the American Automobile Association (AAA), two-thirds of American drivers do not trust car repair shops1. Customers say that hidden repair costs, unnecessary service recommendations and negative past experiences have shaken their trust.

How can car and powersports dealerships earn back their customers’ trust?

Creating open and honest communication between employees and customers is a great start. Why ask a customer to take your word for it when you could let them make up their own mind based on tangible proof? Let your customers in on what is happening under the hood of their car, whether it relates to vehicle inspections, repairs, part replacements or tune-ups.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth?

Using a business text messaging platform, your employees can text customers pictures, PDF files, hyperlinks and videos using a smartphone or tablet. These multimedia messages make it easy to communicate clearly with your customers and save time and money by being more efficient!

Your mechanics could suggest vehicle tune-ups by providing pictures and video evidence so that customers can see for themselves that the recommendations are warranted. Text messaging platforms allow dealerships to break down negative stereotypes, earn back consumer trust and take their customer service experience to new heights.

Read more to explore three situations where sending a video text would be extremely useful.

Inspecting the vehicle and diagnosing the problem

What do you do when your customer is reluctant to replace an expensive part or pay for a major repair?

Drivers are often skeptical that their vehicle needs the repairs outlined by your mechanics. To back up the recommendations, send the customer a picture or video of the worn-out part. As a reference, it might even be a good idea to compare the old part to the same part in good condition on a similar vehicle.

A customer who receives a quote along with a full video account of the inspection is a lot less likely to refuse your recommendations when the proof is right in front of their eyes. No matter where they are, the customer can approve the suggested repair through text so that the mechanic can get straight to work. This can help increase productivity in your garage or dealership by reducing employee downtime.

With Kimoby, all designated employees have access to all customer-employee conversations. Having all of the information laid out in black and white for everyone to see (even managers) can help reduce the risk of misunderstandings and internal errors.

Avoiding disagreements

How many times has there been a disagreement between your employees and your customers when it comes time to pay the bill?

Customers that are blindsided by additional repair costs often lose trust in your abilities. Texting your customer a list of the planned repairs and an estimate of how long it will take and how much it will cost will help you build trust and increase the transparency of your business. What’s even better is that you have written proof that the vehicle owner agreed to have the work done. Whether your customer agrees with your recommendations or not, when it comes time for them to pay, there will be no arguments about hidden costs or labour.

Informing and raising awareness

How can you communicate the latest health and safety information to your customers?

Send your customers a short video clip that outlines the health measures that you have in place for their safety. During a public health emergency, customers who receive a short explanatory video before their appointment will feel reassured that you are doing everything you can to protect their safety and that of your employees. You also make it easier for the vehicle owner by letting them know exactly what they need to do when they arrive so that their visit goes as smoothly as possible.

Customers who drop off their vehicles the night before by leaving their keys in the drop-box aren’t able to meet with their technical advisor face-to-face. No problem! The technical advisor could pre-record a video introduction and then text it to any customers that they aren’t able to meet in person. The introduction could go something like this: “Hello! My name is Jean Larrivée and I will be your technical advisor today. Your vehicle is in good hands […].” This gives customers a good first impression by allowing them to put a voice and a face to the name of their technical advisor.

The global pandemic has increased consumer demand for remote services. Sending short videos via text message allows you to provide a high-quality customer experience while still complying with appropriate health measures. Because it is so instant, business text messaging helps limit the amount of time that employees waste going back and forth with the customer to gain approval. This also means that customers can pick up their vehicles faster.

And if all that wasn’t enough, a business texting platform will improve your customer service rating!

The Kimoby app was made with the automobile industry in mind. It’s a low maintenance, cost-saving solution that is changing the way the world does business. Discover what a business texting platform like Kimoby can do for your dealership!

  1. Most U.S. Drivers Leery of Auto Repair Shops


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