Should You Favor Web-based Tool Over a Traditional Software?

What is a web-based application?

First, we need to define what we call a web-based application also known as a web app. Basically, it’s an application that you can connect to from any browser. Non-web-based applications are traditional on-premise software directly installed on a computer.

Advantages of web-based applications vs on-premise software

There are numerous advantages of using a web app versus a traditional software.


First of all, you have nothing to install. You just need a browser, such as Chrome, and you are good to go. You just have to type in the tool’s address and access its features.


Since nothing is installed on your computer, that means if the tool is updated, you will always have the latest version of the application.


Another advantage of a web-based application is that you can receive remote support. The vendor of the application will be able to help you without having to come to your offices. The end result? Faster support for the issues you may have.


Without having to install anything, you won’t have any compatibility issues. You can use a web-based application from a Mac, Windows or Linux computer as well as your mobile devices.


A web-based solution also means that employees who have a computer and an Internet connection at home or on the road can use it. In other words, it can be used from anywhere. If employees are away from the office for an untoward reason, such as a sick child, they can continue working.

Another possibility? If you manage multiple locations, a web app comes in handy to manage each of them from one single account.

Data storage and management

On a practical side, using a cloud-based tool means that you don’t have to manage your data. The company behind the web app will be in charge of it. You don’t need to run back-ups or to deal with security issues. If you are concerned about where your data is stored, simply ask your vendor and learn more about its security policies.

In sum, a web-based application offers more flexibility and convenience, thereby improving your productivity and avoid avoiding most tech trouble.

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