9 Reasons to Add Personalization in Your Text Message Marketing

A big percentage of today’s brands use automated systems to stay in contact with their customers. Marketing technologies have changed the way businesses interact with consumers, ensuring time-efficiency and productivity increase.

Text message marketing has become a preferred choice here. The average mobile user checks their phone at least 85 times a day, and somewhere around 64% of the world’s population owns a mobile device. Businesses can thus expect an 82,1% in SMS open rates, surpassing by far email messages.

However, by relying solely on automated text messages, you’ll notice that engagement isn’t exactly on point. Your recipients are opening the texts messages, but aren’t converting. So what’s actually missing?

Personalization is usually the element that contributes to the effectiveness of your marketing tactics. A high-level personalization strategy is needed here. But what exactly can you expect from a tailored text message marketing campaign? Here are the main reasons why you should focus more on this subject:

Increased engagement rates

Phone calls often go unanswered, and emails remain unread for days, but text messages are usually opened quite fast after being received. Despite still being underrated, text message marketing can provide the highest level of customer engagement, as long as the right tactics are implemented.

When comparing different marketing mediums available, you will easily discover that this option is the most appealing for engagement rates. There are no internet requirements, an aspect that contributes to the reach of this communication tool.

While your audience will open your texts, will they actually do more than just quickly go over it? Personalization can have a higher impact than expected on your general engagement rates. When the message conveyed speaks to the recipient personally, they will pay more attention to what you have to say.

Targeting specific audiences

Effective marketing is all about reaching specific audiences. When you include information based on recipients’ buying history and interests, you are making your entire campaign more effective.

You can use the data collected from surveys, list segments and studies to create text content that appeals. Perhaps you are mainly targeting millennials, so including references in your text based on their specific likes will have a positive effect on conversions.

Personalization makes it easier for your business to maintain effective communication with specific groups of customers. If you are expanding your reach on an international scale, for example, translating messages will help you access specific demographics better.

“Writing personalized content is essential for text message marketing success. You want to target a certain group of consumers, and that means focusing on adding information that is relevant to them. It’s easier to reach out to specific audiences through tailored content” – explains Diana Adjadj, a content writer at IsAccurate.

Get rapid feedback through interactive content

Getting feedback can be a great way of improving your business processes. You may be neglecting a small detail that is currently affecting conversation rates, without you realizing it. Personalization can mean adding interactive content to your texts and allowing your target audience to be more involved.

Directing recipients to your site via a tap on the “reply” button will determine them to browse your site, contact you for inquiries or leave you a comment that includes useful feedback. You have the possibility to get creative, and this will work in your favor.

Stand out from competitors

Regardless of the exact profile, you are dealing with a lot of competition. Each marketing detail can make a difference in how you are perceived by consumers. What makes you different from your competitors?

Going the extra mile to give SMS messages that personal touch can differentiate you from similar businesses using this marketing strategy. When your competitor is sending out automated texts, while you are tailoring the content to better suit your audience’s interests, the odds of engagement success will be in your favor – you will be able to stand out.

When choosing between two brands that provide basically the same thing, customers will always go for the business that values them more.

Breeding trust and loyalty

You want to create a positive image for your brand, to inspire trust and to breed loyalty. Automated messages with no actual value to recipients will prevent you from reaching those goals.

Delivering helpful information, relevant content and directing your audience towards offers that actually pique their interest will increase retention and lower unsubscribe rates. Customers can easily unsubscribe from receiving your texts if they feel like they are “spammed” with messages that don’t have any real meaning to them personally. Tailored message content will prevent that from happening.

You want a loyal audience base and message content personalization can help you build and maintain a resourceful relationship with your customers.

Trigger emotion

Everyone uses emojis nowadays, and you can also do that in your marketing campaign. If your main audience consists of young people, customizing messages with the help of emojis is an idea that can work better than expected.

The use of emojis has skyrocketed in recent years, and what these will do is bring an instant emotion to your recipients. You will be able to catch their attention rapidly, set a friendly tone and amplify the message you are trying to convey.

Establish your audience persons, determine their preferences, and customize your text with “smiley faces” for increased emotion.

Boosting ROI

Turning prospects into leads and leads into customers – another powerful advantage promised by effective text message marketing tactics. Personalization involves precise timing and targeting, which can boost your conversation rates successfully.

By segmenting your lists of recipients, using accurate data to create engaging content, you’ll start experiencing greater revenue and boosting ROI.

Making better recommendations

If you aren’t recommending the products or services recipients are actually in need of, how will you manage to reach your conversion objectives? You need to present to your audience the type of deals they are looking for.

Some segments of your customer range might be looking for a specific offer, and others for another type of deal. Analyze and use consumer purchase habits data to send out the recommendations recipients want and need. That will lead to the following outcome:

Personalization increases sales

It ultimately comes down to sales. Are your marketing efforts actually paying off? Are your sent-out SMS generating more profit? Because the main goal here is to boost sales, you’ll need to take each aspect into account when developing your marketing campaigns.

Personalization, as highlighted above, will boost ROI, will contribute to conversion and will automatically lead to an increase in sales. When recipients feel like the messages they receive are tailored to their needs, determining them to actually take up on your advertised offer will be possible.

This approach isn’t just about engagement or connecting with your audience, it’s also about what your business has to gain financially. Personalization is the future of marketing, and you should start using custom content in your text messages first.

While text message marketing comes with promising prospects, to achieve your desired results, personalization remains critical. The aspects underlined here clearly show why crafting this entire marketing experience is necessary and what you will gain out of it. User data is your friend here, so make sure to make the most out of the available customer information.

Learn more on how targeted campaigns can help you boost engagement and increase revenue opportunities.

About the author:
Bridgette Hernandez is a content editor at SupremeDissertations and HotEssayServise. She has a Master’s degree in Anthropology, and she currently is getting her MBA degree from Golden Gate University.


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