5 Effective Ways to Get High-Quality Referrals from Your Customer

What is the best marketing tool that has existed for a long time but still keeps its effectiveness? How can you multiply your sales volumes if you have a loyal customer base? The answer is a word of mouth.

Indeed, every customer seeks a friend’s advice or looks for reviews online before making a purchase. It is not only about the price. Psychologically, people need someone to back their intention to buy, providing evidence that this purchase is worthy of its money.

In a smaller community, people can chat and recommend local businesses to each other. When it comes to big companies or even international ones, the best way to generate sales leads is to get high-quality referrals.

It has been estimated that people are generally four times more likely to buy from a brand if it was referred by a friend. Needless to say, the probability of the purchase goes up if the seller was recommended by a reputable company or a social media influencer.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to get referrals from your customers and ensure they are indeed beneficial for your business.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

The way to a customer’s heart is through impeccable customer service. People subconsciously feel when they are welcome or when they are not. Make sure that your customers always receive the best service possible.

Clients become even more demanding, and service is the first thing they expect from a store. If your employees smile and respond quickly to the needs of the clientele, it is a great deal of success.

You need to make your employees care about the business. Develop some motivational schemes or awards for excellent customer service to make them interested in growing customer satisfaction.

However, even the best customer service is quickly forgotten. To make people talk about your store or service center, your employees need to do something extraordinary. No, it is not about going to the Moon and back. Your business needs to continuously look for ways to demonstrate how it values its customers.

For example, if your client made a mistake and paid twice, or if they failed to fill out the delivery address, if they need extra guarantee or if there is any other reason they address your business, ensure they get what they want or are offered other acceptable options.

People need to see that you are willing to go the extra mile and solve their problems even if it means a problem for you. Customers need to feel that they are valued.

Create a Customer Referral Program

Your customers are entrepreneurs who look for their benefit even though most of them do not have their own businesses. Therefore, to make them spend their time talking about your brand, writing a recommendation or sharing sales referrals, customers need to be motivated.

When you feel that your business is going up, find time and funds to invest in a great customer referral program. It should bear real benefits for clients, otherwise, they will feel deceived. For example, client referrals can bring them discounts, points, real money, or gifts. The more people they refer your business to, the better.

Also, customers usually have more confidence in companies offering such perks as referral programs. It means the business has an organized system and is interested in acquiring new clientele, never forgetting about the existing one.

Include Referral Links to Thank-you and Other Follow-up Emails

People do not like to look for any information for a long time. They appreciate the convenience that you provide. Therefore, when you send any post-purchase email to your customer, make sure you include a forwarding link in it.

Such communication also highlights the importance of this customer’s opinion for your business. Such an individual approach builds loyalty and trust and brings your customer-business relationship to a new level.

You are not expected to write long detailed emails or explain why exactly you need feedback. Leave it to your client’s consideration. A short notice including ‘Share This with a Friend’ link is usually more than enough for your business to get a high-quality referral.

Turn Referrals into Gaming Experience

Your clients enjoy not only customer referral programs but also games that you offer them. A hunt for referrals can be also turned into a game.

With the help of social media, it is now easy to encourage shoppers to refer your business to their friends and community. You can add ‘Share’ buttons and encourage people to refer your store through social media in exchange for valuable gifts. The more likes their posts receive, the closer they are towards winning.

People are excited about the opportunity of winning, while you get the necessary number of referrals to boost your sales. However, do not forget to make your prize really appealing so that people would find it reasonable to compete.

Seize the Moment and Ask

Knowing when to ask for a referral is also art. You need to make sure that the client has experienced the best service and value you can deliver. Once you feel they are satisfied, proceed with questions concerning referrals and feedback.

Obviously, it is not a good time to ask for a referral if your business experiences a shortage of workforce or cannot keep all the promises you gave to the client. Although, your business will be also judged by how you can manage the situation and what you can offer in exchange.

To get positive feedback and set your business up for success, approach customers when you know they are pleased. If you have any hesitation about this – you’d better wait.

Final Words

Getting high-quality referrals is exceptionally important for businesses. Such a collaboration with existing clients promises further growth of sales and expansion of clientele. Failure to get referrals may send the wrong message implying at disorganization or misalignment of shared values.

It is generally suggested to use one or two referral strategies. Even the most satisfied customers will not appreciate if your business will bombard them to ensure a maximized number of referrals. Give them some time after their last purchase and then send a follow-up email, kindly asking to provide a referral, share content or leave feedback. You can also mention the benefits of the referral program to make them even more excited.

It is important to show that referrals are just an instrument, not a final goal. Your business equally values existing customers who can make repeated purchases and new clients.

Text messaging can help you streamline your customer review process by automatically sending review requests. It is simple to encourage them to easily review your business so that you attract more leads

If texting is not yet part of your communication strategy, you may want to start looking for the best solution that will meet your goals. Take a look at our platform.

About the author:
Sandra Larson is a lab report writer and online researcher who has been creating written content for various purposes. She is interested in leading independent qualitative studies analyzing trends in marketing. In this article, Sandra discusses the value of referral programs for businesses and customers.


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