Five text messaging campaigns to connect with your customers

Dealing with the business repercussions of the pandemic is challenging. Connecting with customers through text messages is a great way to inform and reassure them during these unsettling times. Read more for five types of text messaging campaigns you can roll out to get back in touch with your customers and encourage future business.

1. Reassure your customers

The pandemic is anything but stable, and keeping up with the ever-changing rules can be exhausting. Consequently, some consumers are having a hard time keeping abreast of the opening procedures in place in different locations. Other customers aren’t quite ready to start shopping in brick-and-mortar shops yet.

To make life easier for your customers, use a text messaging campaign to remind them of your store’s business hours and any rules you have put in place to protect them and your staff. Keep your tone optimistic and focus on empathy and solidarity.

This is a great opportunity to tell your audience about industry-specific measures that you’ve implemented. This can include contactless payment, in-store pickup, seniors-only shopping times, the option to pay in instalments, or increased sanitizing procedures. After all, 63% of customers are more likely to shop at a business that follows the COVID-19 guidelines1. With a professional text messaging solution, you can make your message more appealing with eye-catching photos and videos.

2. Anticipate your customers’ needs

In an attempt to make up for some of the financial loss of 2020’s first two quarters, retailers will have to start their holiday sales even earlier. It’s just as well, since the majority of American consumers plan to start their holiday shopping earlier this year2. Since physical distancing measures will likely remain in place in most North American cities, limits to the number of in-store customers may jeopardize this crucial period for retailers3.

With a text messaging campaign, you can let your customers know about your early holiday sales.

Take the lead and show customers relevant offers at an accessible price. After all, even the world-renown Danish restaurant Noma, which has been named the best restaurant in the world four times, has temporarily swapped its $500 tasting menus for $25 burgers4. Whatever the case may be, you’ll gain favourable public opinion by showing that your day-to-day has also changed and you’re reacting by prioritizing your customers and their community. Even if you’ve made only minor changes, like a shop stocking classic, comfortable clothing that’s perfect for working from home, you’ll still be sending the message that you and your customers are in this together.

3. Segment your customer base

It is crucial for sellers to make their products desirable, while also properly managing in-store traffic. Sell responsibly by encouraging social distancing.

By segmenting your customer base through a text messaging platform, you can catch the eye of a target audience and increase its conversion rate. For example, a bicycle shop can send an offer on bike helmets to all customers who bought one over four years ago. By reminding them that helmets become less effective at protecting their wearers after five years, the seller is making its offer relevant.

In the fall, car dealerships can help distribute their customer traffic by sending reminders in waves that it’s time to change and store tires.

The Waterloo Nissan car dealership reported a 70% response rate to its tire storage campaign. Learn about other ways in which text messaging has had a positive impact for this retailer.

4. Cherish your existing customers

The pandemic has strained customer loyalty. In fact, nearly 70% of consumers reported that their loyalty is more difficult for a retailer to maintain than ever before5. To avoid seeing your customers flock to your competitor, offer them exclusive perks.

With a text messaging campaign, you can reward customers for their pre-pandemic loyalty by offering, for example, a discounted price on a popular item or an exclusive discount on their next in-store purchase. Hit two birds with one stone with an offer that answers your customers’ current needs and encourages those who are still hesitant to come shop in store. In the long term, implementing a text-based loyalty program can help you set yourself apart from your competitors.

5. Streamline appointments or reservations

Now that there’s a limit on how many customers can be in a store, some companies have taken the initiative to offer shopping by appointment. Customers are becoming more familiar with this system and avoiding lineups makes for a much safer and more pleasant shopping experience6.

A business text messaging platform can help you book and manage appointments. You can use it to send your customers a text messaging campaign highlighting the benefits of a semi-private shopping session. Add a link to your SMS to encourage customers to book an appointment. Include an offer, like a surprise discount for the first 50 people who sign up, or a special sale for the first week of shopping appointments.

The day before the appointment, an automated reminder can be sent to customers to remind them of the time of their visit and any measures to be followed. You can also request that they confirm their appointment. It’s an effective way of planning staffing needs and limiting any losses due to no-shows.

As the world continues to adapt to the ever-changing pandemic rules, retailers can slowly rebuild their customer base. Businesses who take the initiative to reach out to their customers and send them relevant offers will have the competitive advantage.

Kimoby’s text messaging and multimedia communication platform helps businesses communicate instantly with their customers. Learn more about what targeted text messaging campaigns can offer.

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